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  • We are Robotic Fisheries located in Anchorage Alaska. We invented the Smart Pot - A truly marvelous workhorse of the sea.
  • The Smart Pot is user friendly, durable, and a ton of fun for the whole family. We really love this product and I am certain you will too.
  • Our product line is engineered to operate in Alaska's extreme environment. So, if you happen to live anywhere else on the planet - you can bet it will stand up to your environment as well.
  • We currently have two patents pending on the Smart Pot and hope to be in production soon. Our Smart Pots are uniquely aware of their surroundings due to our onboard software / hardware package. Thats Artificial Intelligence!
  • You control them by smart phone or tablet using our application.
  • You can also set them to auto pilot and let them go off to work. They will swim out - sink - dwell at the bottom - surface - and return all on their own.
  • You set the mission parameters in the application and set the pot in the water - press Go and off it goes to capture crabs, lobster, shrimp, crayfish, octopus or what ever your target species is.
  • Shellfishing has never been this easy!

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